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UPS difference | Single-phase and three-phase

In order to understand which type of UPS is best suited to your needs between single-phase UPS and three-phase UPS, it is necessary to examine the loads that must be protected by the UPS.The information necessary to be able to carry out an assessment are: In general, the single-phase UPS

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UPS for home

UPS for home

The 3 kW UPS is the perfect power supply to deal with possible power outages or power surges in the home.In fact, the maximum load that a house can bear is generally 3 kW and by installing it upstream of the electrical system we can guarantee a standard autonomy of

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UPS Hospital

Medical Power Supply

Hospitals are a place where energy consumption is very high and in a critical context such as the operating room, operational continuity is of vital importance as a power outage could lead to very serious consequences for well-being and health. of patients.For this reason, Medical Uninterruptible Power Supplies are essential

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Power Supply UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply | UPS

Uninterruptible power supply UPS: an increasingly broad and varied need. In today’s world, where electricity demands are continuously increasing, the quality and reliability of power lines is decreasing.Every day we are exposed to growing problems of the electricity grid such as grid failures, instantaneous overvoltages and disturbances of various types

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Battery 12V AGM

Batteries for UPS | Maintenance

Batteries are an essential element for the smooth operation of UPS and therefore care must be taken to ensure maximum efficiency and to prevent possible failures. Failure or incorrect maintenance of the batteries can affect company performance and cause service interruptions that, today, are no longer acceptable.It is in fact

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Data Center UPS

UPS for Data Center

Nowadays the use of data centers in the productive world is growing dramatically as they are of fundamental importance to support the continuous technological development of our planet.If until a few decades ago the interruption of a data center would not have caused great inconvenience, today we must always remain

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UPS Surveillance

UPS for video surveillance system

A video surveillance system that must ensure the safety of an environment cannot ignore the presence of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides continuity and energy quality. This apparently intuitive concept, however, deserves further study.A thief, before violating a building, always tries to cut off the power supply. He

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Data Center with UPS

Differences between UPS and CPSS

Many people still confuse UPS and CPSS and do not have a clear idea of ​​what their characteristics and functions are. Both are used to make up for a lack of electricity but are applied in different contexts. In this article we want to clarify and outline the differences between

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UPS Blackout

UPS Blackout | Safety in the event of thunderstorm

UPSs play a vital role in the event of a blackout. In recent weeks, many cases of blackouts have been occurring, especially in large cities like Milan, due to overloads and frequent and typical high-intensity summer storms that can seriously damage household appliances and all electrical equipment connected to the

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UPS sizing : How to determine the power

By UPS sizing we mean to define the power needed to protect the devices connected to an UPS. To determine the maximum power that can be supplied by a UPS, it is necessary to understand first of all which devices will be connected and what power will be absorbed by

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UPS Modular

The growing demand and need for greater efficiency, reliability, sustainability and flexibility has allowed the AEC Group, leading distributor of UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply in Italy and in the world, to innovate and release its latest solution with the three-phase modular UPS. AEC International offers a wide range of

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CPSS Emergency

CPSS System | EN 50171

CPSS Power Supply | EN 50171 Power outages are a common occurrence in the event of danger, such as a fire or earthquake. For this reason, the installation of the CPSS System – Central power supply to support the safety systems of the environments we frequent, in particular of work

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