Sealed lead acid battery

UPS batteries are a fundamental element for the operation of uninterruptible power supplies and are specially made to have greater performance even in extreme contexts. Optimally designed, AEC’s UPS batteries are engineered using the latest in advanced design oxygen recombination technology and are comprised of lead acid and sealed specifically for UPS applications.

12V Sealed lead acid battery can last up to 10-12 years but can affect several external factors on battery life such as:

– Incorrect use of the battery;

– Inadequate maintenance carried out by a non-specialized technician;

– Exposure to extreme temperatures, both too high and too low;

– Incorrect charging of the battery using an unsuitable charger.

UPS batteries are always sold fully charged and, once discharged, it is advisable to fully recharge them to make the most of their potential and to avoid deteriorating them, thus reducing their capacity and therefore also their duration. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to carry out a full recharge to 100% even in case of prolonged non-use of the battery and to have it checked by a specialized technician for complete efficiency.


Totally hermetic batteries without gas emission in use.


No liquid to add during the entire life of the batteries.

No loss

No risk of acid loss. The electrolyte is absorbed in an AGM opaque glass-like support.


The plates are very robust and are welded with special alloys to ensure high mechanical resistance.

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UPS VRLA Battery
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The batteries comply with the international standards JIS, UL, VDE, IATA.


Sealed batteries with a pressure relief valve that prevents the gases produced during charging from escaping.

AGM | 12V

In the AGM battery, the electrolyte is bound completely in an absorbent glass fiber mat.

Expected life

The expected life of AEC batteries is 10-12 years, according to the EUROBAT guide.

Tipology of batteries

The AEC UPS Group has been a leader in the uninterruptible power supply sector for more than 50 years and, in order to offer a complete service to its customers, it has expanded its range of products by including lead-acid batteries for UPS in its catalog.

Using the latest innovative Oxygen Recombination Technology, AEC has used its 50 years of experience to design and produce the best battery on the market, with an expected life of 10 years on all models.

AEC’s lead-acid UPS batteries are an excellent product with a really interesting quality / price ratio; they are designed to be applied to UPS and are made with AGM VRLA technology.

Lead acid batteries for UPS

There are different types of lead-acid batteries that differ according to their use and the two most common types are:

  • GEL batteries : they are designed for deep charge and discharge cycles even in extreme environmental conditions. This type of battery is usually used to power electric scooters, in the field of renewable energy and photovoltaics and to power health tools and for the disabled such as wheelchairs.
  • AGM batteries : they are the most used in the UPS sector and, if used correctly, this type of battery has the advantage of not requiring special precautions. They are in fact ideal for cyclic use where many charge and discharge cycles are required and for buffer use for applications where stable devices such as UPSs, emergency lights, telecommunications, alarm systems and sanitary equipment are required.

Founded way back in 1968, the AEC Group, Allis Electric Co. Ltd, is a public company listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange since 1994.

The AEC group has specialized for more than 50 years in the production of UPS for the protection of the power supply of industrial plants.

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