UPS Accessories

UPS, uninterruptible power supplies, can be integrated with various accessories to implement their functions.

AEC International SRL supplies the various products upon request according to needs. Check the functionality of the UPS accessories on the site!

It allows UPS to be monitored, serviced and tested remotely. An SNMP website itself provides the user with all information relating to the UPS in a clear and simple manner.

The relay or dry contact card provides a series of normally open or normally closed potential-free contacts to signal various UPS functions.
Allows you to perform manual or automatic shutdowns remotely.

Allows maintenance or repair/replacement of the continuity system without interrupting the power supply.
The AEC external maintenance by-pass, when operated manually or automatically, allows the elimination of voltage at the ends of the UPS and therefore the execution, by authorized technicians, of the battery change or internal maintenance of the system.


Founded way back in 1968, the AEC Group, Allis Electric Co. Ltd, is a public company listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange since 1994.

The AEC group has specialized for more than 50 years in the production of UPS for the protection of the power supply of industrial plants.


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