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208V UPS features

Power Range: 10-30 kVA

The 208V three-phase UPS (10-30kVA) are AEC’s three-phase online UPS range, double conversion tower UPS in powers 10kVA – 20kVA – 30kVA. The UPS  series adopts the most innovative 3-level IGBT technologies, ensuring efficiency up to 94% and a unitary output power factor.
UPS 208V Series incorporates cutting-edge features to ensure reliable and continuous power protection for critical electronic equipment. One of its standout features is the internal lithium battery hot swappable modules.


High-Performance Power Solutions

The 208V  series of three-phase online UPS by AEC offers dependable and efficient power protection for critical electronic equipment. Available in power capacities of 10kVA, 20kVA, and 30kVA, these double conversion tower UPS units are designed to meet the demands of modern businesses.

UPS Lithium Batteries

Autonomy Backup Examples

UPS 10kVA with 7kW load:

With 1 Lithium Internal Module x 50Ah = 20 Minutes
With 2 Lithium Internal Module x 50Ah = 40 Minutes
With 3 Lithium Internal Module x 50Ah = 60 Minutes

UPS 20kVA with 14kW load:

With 2 Lithium Internal Module x 50Ah = 20 Minutes
With 3 Lithium Internal Module x 50Ah = 30 Minutes

UPS 30kVA with 21kW load:

With 2 Lithium Internal Module x 50Ah = 13 Minutes
With 3 Lithium Internal Module x 50Ah = 20 Minutes -PH

Key Features:

  • Advanced Battery Technology: Built-in lithium-ion battery with hot-swappable modular design ensures uninterrupted power supply.
  • Efficiency Matters: Achieve an AC/AC efficiency of up to 94% with an output power factor of 1.0.
  • Adaptive Input: Wide input voltage range (120-268V L-L) and input frequency range (40-70Hz) for enhanced grid adaptability and extended battery life.
  • Robust Overload Capacity: The inverter supports long-run operation at 105% load and 10 minutes at 130% load, ensuring reliability during peak demand.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Internal air channel design directs hot air away from sensitive components, prolonging the UPS’s service life. Lightning and surge protection safeguard against voltage spikes, and battery reverse connection protection ensures system reliability.
  • Multiple Configurations: Benefit from advanced battery charging, cold start functionality, and the option for parallel installation (N+1) of up to 10 units.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through settings with ease using the colorful 4.3-inch touch screen with LED indicators and a multi-language interface. Dual DSP control enhances performance.
  • Customizable Settings: Access various configuration options, including input, output, bypass, batteries, and communication settings, to suit your specific needs. A large memory stores up to 10,000 events.
  • Communication Capabilities: Integrate seamlessly with diesel generators and remote monitoring systems via advanced communication features.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Electrical and physical double isolation design minimizes fault scope. Latest-generation IGBT and three-level technology ensure low harmonics and high efficiency.
  • Compact Design: High power density design saves installation space, with a small footprint for 30kVA units. High input power factor reduces grid pollution and costs.
  • Energy-Saving Features: AC/AC efficiency of up to 94% and ECO mode efficiency of up to 98.5% contribute to significant cost reductions.
  • Self-Load Test: Simplify commissioning with a self-load test function, eliminating the need for temporary loads and cables.
  • Easy Serviceability: Minimize downtime with an architecture designed for easy service, featuring wheels for mobility.
  • Frequency Converter: Switch between 50Hz-60Hz or 60Hz-50Hz converter mode and disable the static bypass and DC power supply when needed.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Key components pre-alarm function alerts you to system faults and the need for service, ensuring uptime.

UPS Display


Optimize installation and easy service architecture design minimizes the MTTR and optimizes serviceability and comes equipped with wheel which is easy for movement
and relocation.

Eco Mod UPS

Double Online Conversion

Reliable Power for Critical Applications

With its cutting-edge technology, adaptability, and robust features, the 208V series of three-phase UPS units from AEC ensures uninterrupted power for your critical electronic equipment. Experience efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind with AEC’s power solutions.

MODELS 208V-10K-LI 208V-20K-LI 208V-30K-LI
VOLTAGE (VAC) 208/220 (3W+N+G)
VOLTAGE BYPASS (VAC) 120-156 linear derating, 156V-268V at full load
THDI ≤3%
PHASES 3:3 Dual input
POWER (KVA) 10 20 30
(ACCORDING TO IEC 60240-3602)
VOLTAGE (VAC) 190/200/208±1%(L-L) ±1%
FREQUENCY (HZ) 50/60±0.1
THD THD <1% (linear load), THD <4% (nonlinear load)
WAVEFORM Sinusoidal pure, THD<1% linear
EFFICIENCY ACAC = 94%, ECO-Mode = 98,5%
OVERLOAD <105% continues, 105%~110% 60mins, 110%~130% load for 10 min,
130%~150% load for 1 min, 150%~200% load for 200ms
Internal LFP Module Quantity 1x Module 2x Module / 3x Module 3x Module
CHARGING CURRENT (A) 2~40 settable (default is 20)
WEIGHT 81lb/37kg
COMMUNICATIONS RS485+EPO+Dry contact (1 input, 5 output)+2 slots
DISPLAY 4.3 Inches Touch Screen+ LED+ Physical buttons
ALARMS Low batteries, Anormal input, Overload, Block/Fault ecc.
PROTECTIONS Low batteries, Overload, Short-circuit, Over-temperature ecc.
NOISE (DB) <60 <65
SAFETY REGULATORY UL 1778, CSA C22.2 No.107.3-14 PERFORMANCE : IEC 60240-3
DIMENSIONS (W×D×H) 15×39×49 in / 378×993×1250 mm
PACKAGE DIMENSION (W×D×H) 18×43.7×54.7 in / 456×1110×1390 mm
WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERIES 456 lb/207 kg 585 lb/270 kg 734 lb/333 kg

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