12V | 40Ah Battery

The AGM VRLA 12V 40Ah Oz Power battery is a premier choice for those seeking a reliable and durable power source for their UPS systems, solar power setups, and emergency backup solutions. Manufactured by AEC Italy, this battery offers the perfect balance of performance and longevity, designed to meet the rigorous demands of both commercial and residential applications.

This battery is engineered with a nominal voltage of 12V and a nominal capacity of 40Ah, calculated at a 20-hour rate. It boasts a design life of 10-12 years and can sustain a maximum discharge current of 380A for 5 seconds. Weighing approximately 12.60Kg and with an internal resistance of less than 10mΩ, the Oz Power 12V 40Ah battery is built to deliver optimal performance consistently.


Construction and Safety Features of AGM VRLA 40Ah Batteries

Utilizing the advanced AGM technology, the battery is sealed within a VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid) structure, ensuring safety and operational integrity. The robust ABS container meets UL94-HB & 94V-0 specifications, offering excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions, thereby enhancing its usability and safety.

Installation Guidelines and Maintenance Tips for 40Ah Battery

The AGM VRLA 12V 40Ah Oz Power battery is designed for ease of installation with the ‘IT’ terminal type, ensuring broad compatibility with a range of UPS and solar power systems. It requires no regular maintenance due to its AGM technology, which eliminates the need for water refilling and frequent upkeep.

Advantages of Using 12V 40Ah in Critical Backup Applications

The battery’s low self-discharge rate and excellent charge retention make it an ideal choice for settings where power requirements are critical and sporadic. It is particularly well-suited for use in areas prone to power outages, providing reliable power when needed most.

Ideal Applications and Use Cases for 12V 40Ah Battery

The versatility of the Oz Power 12V 40Ah battery extends to a variety of applications including marine, telecom, and renewable energy installations, in addition to its primary use in UPS systems. Its ability to deliver high bursts of power makes it suitable for high-load events.

Environmental Responsibility and Recycling of 40Ah Batteries

In line with AEC Italy’s commitment to sustainability, the Oz Power 12V 40Ah battery is designed with recyclable materials, contributing to an environmentally friendly disposal process. This commitment helps reduce the ecological impact of battery use and disposal.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support Services for AGM VRLA 12V 40Ah Battery

AEC Italy backs the Oz Power 12V 40Ah battery with a solid warranty and robust customer support, ensuring that users receive assistance and guidance throughout the lifecycle of the product. Dedicated support is available for setup, troubleshooting, and other inquiries.

OZ-VRLA 12V 40Ah
Cells per unit 6
Nominal tension 12
Nominal capacity 40 Ah@20Hour rate F.V (1.75/cell)
Weight Approx. 12.60 Kg
Internal Resistance <10Ω
Terminal IT (M)
Max. Discharge Current 380A (5s)
Design life 10-12 years
Max. Charging Current 12 A
Standby Use Voltage 13.5-13.8V
Cycle Use Voltage 14.4-15V
Operating Temperature range Discharge: -15° C ~ 50°C
Charge: 0° C ~ 40°C
Storage: -15° C ~ 40°C
Container Material ABS, UL94-HB & 94V-0
Lenght 197 ± 3 mm
Width 166 ± 1 mm
Height 170 ± 1 mm
Total height 170 ± 1 mm

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