12V | 24Ah Battery

The AGM VRLA 12V 24Ah Oz Power battery stands out in the competitive market of backup power solutions. Engineered by AEC Italy, this battery is a perfect blend of advanced technology and reliable performance, suitable for uninterruptible power supplies, solar power storage, and emergency backup applications.

Designed for a nominal voltage of 12V and a nominal capacity of 24Ah, this battery is optimized for deep cycle durability and long-term reliability. With an approximate weight of 8.0 Kg and an internal resistance under 12mΩ, it’s built to provide a steady and reliable power output. Its ability to discharge up to 375A for 5 seconds makes it an ideal choice for high-demand environments.


Advanced Design Features of AGM VRLA Oz Power Batteries

The Oz Power 12V 24Ah battery utilizes AGM technology to ensure efficient gas recombination and eliminate the need for regular maintenance. Enclosed in a rugged ABS container that meets the UL94-HB & 94V-0 standards for safety, this battery is both durable and safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Maintenance

This battery is designed for user convenience, requiring no frequent maintenance. Its compact dimensions allow for easy installation in a variety of settings, from UPS systems to marine applications, without compromising on performance.

Benefits and Efficiency of AGM VRLA Technology in Oz Power Battery

AGM VRLA technology is renowned for its excellent charge retention and low self-discharge rate. This makes the Oz Power battery an efficient solution for systems requiring a reliable power supply that is available instantly in the event of a power failure.

Optimal Applications for 12V 24Ah Oz Power Battery

The versatility of the Oz Power 12V 24Ah battery makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is particularly effective in UPS systems, security systems, emergency lighting, and other critical backup power applications where performance and reliability are paramount.

Environmental Impact and Recycling Options for Oz Power Batteries

Environmental stewardship is a key aspect of the Oz Power battery design. It is constructed with materials that are nearly 100% recyclable, minimizing its environmental footprint and supporting sustainability efforts across the globe.

Warranty and Support for AGM VRLA 12V 24Ah Oz Power Battery

AEC Italy offers comprehensive support and a solid warranty for the Oz Power 12V 24Ah battery, underscoring its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Users can benefit from a dedicated support line and extensive online resources to ensure optimal use of their battery.

Conclusion: Why Choose Oz Power 12V 24Ah for Your Backup Power Needs?

Selecting the Oz Power 12V 24Ah AGM VRLA battery means choosing a product that delivers security and efficiency, with the added benefits of environmental responsibility and robust customer support. Ideal for both commercial and personal applications, it provides a reliable power solution tailored to meet the challenges of modern power demands.

OZ-VRLA 12V 24Ah
Cells per unit 6
Nominal tension 12
Nominal capacity 24 Ah@20Hour rate F.V (1.75/cell)
Weight Approx. 8.0 Kg
Internal Resistance <12Ω
Terminal IT (F12)
Max. Discharge Current 375A (5s)
Design life 8-10 years
Max. Charging Current 7.8 A
Standby Use Voltage 13.5-13.8V
Cycle Use Voltage 14.4-15V
Operating Temperature range Discharge: -15° C ~ 50°C
Charge: 0° C ~ 40°C
Storage: -15° C ~ 40°C
Container Material ABS, UL94-HB & 94V-0
Lenght 166 ± 2 mm
Width 175 ± 2 mm
Height 125 ± 2 mm
Total height 125 ± 2 mm

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