How to choose a Power Supply

UPS Power Supply

What is UPS Power Supply

What is UPS Power Supply? The Essential Guide for the American Market Imagine this: you’re working on an important project, the deadline is looming, and suddenly, the power goes out. Panic sets in as you realize all your hard work could be lost in an instant. This scenario is all

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UPS sizing : How to determine the power

By UPS sizing, we mean determining the power needed to protect the devices connected to a UPS. To determine the maximum power that can be supplied by a UPS, it is essential to understand which devices will be connected and what power each will consume. Sizing of a UPS First,

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Founded way back in 1968, the AEC Group, Allis Electric Co. Ltd, is a public company listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange since 1994.

The AEC group has specialized for more than 50 years in the production of UPS for the protection of the power supply of industrial plants.


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