UPS Modular

The growing demand and need for greater efficiency, reliability, sustainability and flexibility has allowed the AEC Group, leading distributor of UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply in Italy and in the world, to innovate and release its latest solution with the three-phase modular UPS. AEC International offers a wide range of three-phase UPS, but among the most innovative modular UPS we have the IST6 series.

IST6 | Modular UPS

Offered exclusively in Europe by the AEC group, the new modular UPS IST6 systems from 25 to 600kVA are ideal for medium and large data centers and server rooms. The AEC IST6 series of UPS is equipped with the coveted conversion technology of our new design. This technology allows them to achieve industry-leading efficiency with an output power factor of 1.0.

Additionally, AEC Battery Advanced System offers longer battery life, which ultimately results in reduced maintenance costs and lower TCO.

The addition of a dynamic charging mode, in fact, allows the UPS to obtain long autonomies without oversizing. This contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the Modular UPS. Where additional redundancy is required, up to six units can be paralleled as standard simply via the display and parallel kit.

UPS three phase Modular
Modular UPS | IST6

“In 15 years [in 1925] electricity will be used more for cars than for light”

Thomas Edison

UPS for Data-Center | Sale Server

Specifically designed to offer greater flexibility, the IST6 is an innovative UPS with a built-in battery solution that also has an incredibly compact footprint. It has also inherited all the intuitive features of the IST6 range, including intelligent graphic screen, quick and intelligent control with remote shutdown.

Commenting on this latest version of the product, AEC Sales Manager UPS Milan Distributor Lorenzo Carozzi said: “The continuously developing industry has requested a UPS solution with modular technology that not only provides excellent performance, but also takes the Total seriously. Operating Cost TCO. Having already successfully completed a series of high profile AEC UPS Modular Milan IST6 installations throughout Italy, AEC is confident that the extension of the range to include options from 10 to 40 kW will be a welcome addition “.

The AEC IST6 product family is now available from 25 to 200kW and a 400kW will be available in the very near future. “The feedback from users of UPS IST6 has been consistently positive,” continues Carozzi, “and many cite the quality, reliability and efficiency of our production as key differentiating factors in the market. AEC Distributore UPS Milano has always been a supporter of new generation UPS technology. It is always extremely resilient without compromising performance quality or efficiency. “

All electrical rescuers require constant routine maintenance and the AEC International team offers a 24/7 assistance service to all its customers.

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