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The 3 kW UPS is the perfect power supply to deal with possible power outages or power surges in the home.
In fact, the maximum load that a house can bear is generally 3 kW and by installing it upstream of the electrical system we can guarantee a standard autonomy of 10 minutes or the right higher autonomy taking into account specific needs, in order to stop the electronics or peripherals, protecting them from strong voltage spikes.
The installation of the UPS in a private home is intended to ensure the safety of the various electrical equipment installed on the network and can result in the loss of work if the data is not saved constantly.
An alternative to UPS is the CPSS | Central Power Supply System commonly used for emergency lights or submersible pumps. The sale of batteries applied to electric rescuers for emergency systems is carried out according to the customer’s needs and in compliance with current regulations.
Rescuers are often equipped with external batteries to obtain the necessary autonomy, generally from 30 ‘to 120’.
Electricity has become irreplaceable as it is responsible for our well-being in the home. Today there are many “essential” devices in the home:

  • Domestic appliances
  • Cordless phones
  • Electric automations (doors, gates, etc.)
  • Alarm systems.
  • Wifi router.

A sudden power failure can cause a family’s business to stop working, not to mention damage related to the operation of the freezer and refrigerator, causing significant problems.

UPS benefits for home

For the electronic devices we have in our home, a UPS is the best solution. The UPS is a device whose main function is to maintain voltage and ensure safe operation in the event of a power failure. In the event of a power failure, the device will automatically start supplying power from the connected battery.
The UPS is able to maintain power for several minutes, depending on the power consumption of the connected devices and the battery capacity. While working on a desktop computer, a sudden power failure can lead to data loss. Thanks to the inverter we receive a notification of power failure, which allows us to save the progress and safely shut down the device.

UPS for Home Online Double Conversion
UPS Online Double Conversion for home | IST3

Best UPS for Home

The consumption of a standard computer and monitor can be quantified in about 600 watts. However, most uninterruptible power supplies are rated in Volt-amperes (VA).
To find the correct size in this unit of measurement, divide the Watt value by 0.9 or 0.7 depending on whether the connected device has active or passive power.
Since in most cases we will not know what type of power supply they have, for safety we divide the power consumption of the equipment by 0.7 and considering the consumption of 600 watts we will understand that we will have to buy an inverter of at least 857 VA.
In some cases these values ​​are expressed in kW or kVA.
It is useful to remember that 1 kilowatt corresponds to 1000 Watts.

Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

There are different types of UPS and the choice of the model takes into consideration the power of the load to be protected.

UPS Offline:
This type of UPS is usually the cheapest and most basic. Since these are not online machines, they do not go into operation immediately after the power outage, but only 5 to 10 milliseconds after the outage begins. For this reason this type of UPS is not very suitable for server protection (immediate action is required).
Unlike the UPS Line Interactive, there is no EMI filter to stabilize the output current. Many rescue devices of this type are marketed in the form of a multiple socket. In any case, the best solution to protect small devices in your home is the UPS Line Interactive.

Double conversion online UPS:

Unlike the Offline UPS and the Line Interactive UPS, these UPSs, in the event of a network interruption, intervene immediately to supply the necessary energy immediately, without causing micro-interruptions that would damage sensitive equipment such as servers. They are powered directly from the internal battery and not from the mains as in the case of offline devices. This type of UPS is perfect for servers, data centers, backup systems and ultra-sensitive electrical equipment. The UPS guarantees protection against voltage peaks thanks to its ability to produce a pure sine wave at the output.
AEC has developed the IST3 Uninterruptible Power Supply, Double Conversion Online UPS with IGBT technology, the ideal solution for equipment requiring greater power.

UPS Line Interactive:

This type of UPS works in just 5 milliseconds, stabilizes the current through the use of a voltage regulator called Avr, and is the machine with the best value for money even if it is not suitable for all super devices. sensitive. Only the best structures that interact with the line are able to generate pure sine waves to protect the connected devices.
Double conversion online UPSs turn out to be very expensive, so if you are looking for a UPS for your computer, the UPS Line Interactive is the best choice.

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