UPS for Data Center

Nowadays the use of data centers in the productive world is growing dramatically as they are of fundamental importance to support the continuous technological development of our planet.
If until a few decades ago the interruption of a data center would not have caused great inconvenience, today we must always remain vigilant and ready to intervene in the event of system failure.
For this reason UPSs are an indispensable element for the correct and continuous operation of data centers and there are several factors to cosider when evaluating the type of UPSs to install.

UPS FOR DATA CENTER: the importance of continuity

A Data Center is a space equipped to host computing resources, servers, IT and telecommunication systems that own, manage and disseminate large volumes of information and data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
One of the main aspects of data center is its continuity of service, because the data contains must always be available at all times and it is essential to protect companies from interruptions and disruptions. In the event that a data center were to stop following a power failure or a blackout, in fact, there can be serious data losses, and therefore profits, which no company should ever afford.
To ensure the constant availability of electricity and minimize the impact that a data center would suffer in the event of electrical disturbances, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, better known as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), are used.
The UPS is a system that guarantees a continuous power supply for a specified period of time, thus avoiding the sudden interruption of activities even in the event of a complete lack of electricity, such as during a black out. If connected to a data center, the UPS guarantees system protection and avoids business shutdowns and therefore the deterioration of the information held in the data center.

UPS for data centers: which one to choose

Given its vital importance for the proper functioning of a data center, it is necessary to consider and evaluate more carefully the characteristics that the UPS must have starting from its operational needs. It is not necessary to focus on short-term needs, but it is essential to consider medium-long term objectives and needs. The UPS that will be installed in the data center, in fact, must be able to expand and adapt as the data center increases the information held, which will require an increase in energy performance.
First of all, it should be taken into consideration that where the UPS will be installed: in the most advanced data centers there is an ad hoc room therefore separated from the servers and computing resources. This happens because usually the UPS batteries tend to give off too much heat which could cause discomfort to computer systems. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be placed in the same room; the important thing is to constantly check the ambient temperature.

UPS for Data Center
IST6 | UPS for Data Center

What factors to consider before choosing the UPS for your data center?

Before choosing the UPS for your Data Center you have to consider several elements:

  • The dimensions of the UPS;
  • The power of the load to be powered;
  • Cargo growth margin in the future.

Only after evaluating these factors, it is possible to choose the type of UPS to be installed at the Data Center. AEC International has the right solution for every request, even the most demanding.
Below, we make an example to simplify the choice phase. To clarify even better how to evaluate the number of UPSs to be implemented and the overall power to be used, we have entered as a parameter the level of protection you want to achieve for your data center.
Let’s consider a Data Center that requires a power of 500kWA:

  • Low level of protection: a 500kVA UPS;
  • Medium level of protection: two UPS of 500kWA each working in parallel;
  • High level of protection: 2 UPS of 500kWA each, one for each radial.

IST6, AEC’s modular UPS for data centers

AEC International, a leader specialized in the supply of UPS worldwide, has a long experience in the sale and maintenance of UPS for data centers and has an extensive product portfolio.
AEC’s IST6 UPS is one of the best UPS systems for data centers and structured businesses and is a product that has been designed to the highest engineering standards and offers excellent performance to ensure data center protection.
IST6 is a three-phase input modular UPS which has significant advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy scaling. It is a static uninterruptible power supply that occupies only a small amount of surface and provides safe, reliable and clear energy, as well as environmentally friendly for loads, like all AEC uninterruptible power supplies.
In addition, the IST6 UPS is easy to use because it has an incredible user-friendly interface with superior functionality compared to classic touch screen displays.
AEC International, thanks to its over 52 years of experience and excellence recognized around the world, supplies and installs the innovative UPS IST6 series in prestigious and important data centers, hospitals and various healthcare facilities throughout the country. In fact, this modular UPS is the ideal choice not only for data centers of all sizes, but also for medical equipment and for all those companies that need a continuous energy supply for production and industrial automation.

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