UPS Blackout | Safety in the event of thunderstorm

UPSs play a vital role in the event of a blackout. In recent weeks, many cases of blackouts have been occurring, especially in large cities like Milan, due to overloads and frequent and typical high-intensity summer storms that can seriously damage household appliances and all electrical equipment connected to the current. It is an event that occurs very often, more than you can imagine. Connecting an uninterruptible power supply to the devices guarantees a continuous power supply and protects them from voltage surges and overloads.

Blackout | The fundamental role of UPS

Today, the Internet connection is essential and it can no longer be done without. Just think of how many things you cannot do in the event of a sudden power failure at home or in the office. Therefore, it is good to prevent these inconveniences and protect our devices by playing in advance with the UPS. The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) supplies electricity to computers, routers, modems and is the best solution in the event of a blackout and voltage drop because it allows you not to lose the work done and gives the necessary time to save it and properly close all open applications. But not only that: UPSs are also essential in public places and factories, where in the event of a power failure, they provide operational continuity.

The UPS works with an emergency battery and, thanks to the filter, protects the connected devices in the event of lightning and even the smallest variations in electricity that over time can damage and / or shorten the life of the devices.

What to consider before buying a UPS?

Before choosing the UPS model to apply, it is good to make a series of assessments.

What equipment will it have to power?
If the UPS will be connected to a PC, a router or an industrial machine, the UPS power must be adequate for the amount of energy (VA) that the connected devices will absorb in case of need.

How long will it have to guarantee electricity?
On the basis of the duration required, the best solution is assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is essential to choose a UPS that allows you to increase performance in the future, if needed, by adding more batteries.

Soccorritore CPSS | EN 50171
CPSS | EN 50171

“ Every form of art is essentially intercepted energy. ”

-Jim Morrison

The best AEC UPS for blackout and voltage dips

  • IST3 (1-10 kVA) = UPS tower che sfrutta la tecnologia di controllo completamente digitale e il risparmio energetico per dare il massimo delle prestazioni;
  • IST3-J (1-10 kVA) = Single-phase rack UPS with numerous integrated functions;
  • IST8 (1-3 kVA) = Double conversion online UPS with high power density lithium batteries, one of the most used today due to its long life;
  • IST9 (10-20 kVA) = Industrial rack tower UPS, suitable for the protection of data centers, IT networks, telecommunications systems and automation control systems;
  • IST7 (10-200 kVA) = Three-phase online industrial UPS which is part of static UPS uninterruptible power systems, characterized by high efficiency, high power density and compact measurements;
  • IST6 (25-600 kVA) = Industrial three-phase online UPS uses advanced technology and has a more reliable redundancy design from the whole system down to the components.
AEC UPS | Power Supply

Founded way back in 1968, the AEC Group, Allis Electric Co. Ltd, is a public company listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange since 1994.

The AEC group has specialized for more than 50 years in the production of UPS for the protection of the power supply of industrial plants.


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