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Is the beginning of school approaching and you need a UPS Power Supply for your pc? Choose AEC UPS! Below we will show you why it is so important to have one and which one you should choose.

By now the summer season is behind us and in a few days our kids will be back at school with a mask and gel at the entrance to the classroom. 2020 has catapulted us into a reality that we would never have imagined. It has speeded up the digitization process in the vast majority of work and educational spheres.

If until 2019 there were few schools and universities that constantly used multimedia tools to carry out lessons in the classroom, with the arrival of 2020 and Covid-19, the world of education was among the first to be affected by this. sudden digitization. Our kids had to abandon desks, blackboards and face-to-face lessons overnight and do them completely online. Not only the pupils, but also the teachers have revolutionized their educational method and have been forced to organize lessons in DAD and carry out the meetings on online platforms such as ZOOM or MEET.

We are therefore witnessing a radical change in the learning method of children and future generations who absolutely cannot do without an asset that is often taken for granted but which is not the case, namely electricity. Without it, all devices are inoperable and it is not possible to carry out any distance learning activities. For this reason, it is essential to have a continuous and safe UPS power supply for pc available to guarantee the supply of energy even in the event of a blackout and sudden changes in electricity that could damage the connected devices. The UPS are therefore a precious help and an indispensable tool to overcome these technical problems and to work and study with more serenity.

UPS for School | Offices | Private

UPSs are usually used mainly in the industrial sector, but requests from individuals and small offices are increasing more and more. In fact there is a greater awareness of the importance of protecting your devices from power surges and blackouts that could seriously damage them.
Uninterruptible power supplies, better known as UPS, are easily adapted even in the school environment. In fact they represent the best solution to neutralize any type of current disturbance. In fact, they support the goal that every school must have a sufficiently fast connection for digital teaching and facilities capable of providing ample access to the internet, such as computer rooms, servers, cameras for the video surveillance system, etc.

UPS for PC
UPS Line Interactive | Serie IST1

“Electricity allows the distribution of energy just like the railway allowed the distribution of materials”

-Thomas Edison

UPS for PC | Which one to choose?

AEC UPS are the ideal solution to ensure protection and safety for all devices used in schools. In particular, AEC’s Line Interactive UPS IST1 series intervenes in the event of blackouts and small voltage surges. This UPS is ideal to be installed at home to carry out remote teaching in peace and at school. In addition to being very easy to install and use, IST1 UPSs are very popular for their excellent quality / price ratio.