Built in isolation transformer

Power range: 80-600 kVA   

The IST7-T Transformer based UPS (80-600kVA) are AEC’s range of three-phase transformer integrated online UPS, double conversion tower UPS in powers starting from 80kVA up to 600kVA. The UPS IST7 series uses a isolation transformer on inverter output, ensuring maximum reliability.
IST7-T UPSs are available in different powers 80kVA, 100kVA, 120kVA, 160kVA, 200kVA, 250kVA, 300kVA, 400kVA, 500kVA, 600kVA. Thanks to the inverter’s 3 IGBT levels, the UPS guarantee efficiency up to 94% and a output power factor equal to 0.9 They are directly configurable from the display, with ample flexibility in the number of batteries and high overload capacity. The innovative self-cleaning function reduces the risk of dust accumulation on the boards. The system includes the free contact card for alarms.

UPS with Transformer

A transformer-based UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a type of UPS that uses a transformer to provide voltage regulation and isolation to connected equipment. The UPS takes incoming AC power and converts it to DC power through a rectifier circuit, which charges the batteries and provides DC power to an inverter circuit. The inverter circuit then converts the DC power back to AC power through a transformer, which provides voltage regulation and isolation to the connected equipment.
Transformer-based UPSs typically offer a high level of voltage regulation, noise filtering, and surge protection, making them well-suited for sensitive equipment such as medical devices (CT scan, MRI, Angiography) and Industrial use.

UPS IST7-T Features

Maximum AC/AC Efficiency and Output Isolation Transformer

The product boasts a maximum AC/AC efficiency of up to 94% and features an output isolation transformer that provides high reliability to adapt to different harsh industrial environments and protect critical loads.

Settings and Configuration

Users can access settings from the display and access the menu via different password levels (User, Technician, and Manufacturer), with configuration options for input, output, bypass, batteries, communications, language, and operating modes.

Periodic Self-Cleaning and Memory

The device also includes a periodic self-cleaning function to expel impurities and reduce the risk of breakdowns, a large memory of up to 10,000 events downloadable via the USB port, and advanced communication for installation and operation with diesel generators.

Alarms and Waveform Recordings

Alarms from a clean contact card are configurable from the display, and there are periodic graphic recordings of inverter, rectifier, and control waveforms.

Load Adaptation and Cooling

The product also offers 100% 3-phase unbalance load adaptation for different kinds of complex applications, dual airducts design for good cooling to protect key components and extend the service life, and dual power supply redundancy.

Input Voltage and EMC Performance

It also has a wide input voltage range to provide high adaptability to the grid and extend battery service life, and the main PCB board features professional electromagnetic shielding to improve reliable performance of EMC. There is also an ECO-mode (98% Efficiency) that gives the possibility of significant cost reduction and heat emission.

Parallel Technology and Battery Charging Modes

The device’s bus synchronization control function provides reliable high power for the dual bus application, and the advanced no-master-slave parallel technology achieves online power expansion and prevents single faults. The product also includes common battery bank sharing in a parallel system (optional), a 3-stage battery charging mode, and a self-load test function without load that enables onsite commission (optional).

Bypass Cabinet and Other Features

A common bypass cabinet is also available as an option, and the product supports parallel mode up to 4.8MVA. Other features include a clean contact card with five alarms, a bypass switch for maintenance, an EPO emergency release button on the front and remote clean contact on the back, and the ability to start from the battery by means of a specific button. The device also features an integrated RS485 and Modbus communication port, protection against reverse polarity of the batteries, and an SNMP network card for remote control and monitoring (optional). Additionally, there is an NC/NO dry contact card for further 12 alarms (optional).

Features UPS Online three phase IST7

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