Online UPS IST7

Power range: 10-40 kVA   

The UPS three-phase IST7 (10-40kVA) are AEC’s three-phase online UPS, double conversion tower UPS in powers from 10kVA up to 40kVA. The UPS IST7 series adopts the most innovative technologies with 3 IGBT levels, guaranteeing an efficiency of up to 97% and a unitary output power factor.

IST7 10kVA and 20kVA can be configured in input | output 1 | 1 or 3 | 1 or 3 | 3 mode directly from the display, while the 30 and 40kVA models can be configured 3 | 1 or 3 | 3. Three-phase UPS available in version with internal batteries or external battery cabinet. The system includes the free contact card for alarms and a manual bypass disconnector to facilitate maintenance.

  • Three-phase UPS with 3-level IGBT rectification technology;
  • Double conversion online UPS;
  • Flexible single-phase or three-phase input/output configuration;
  • Available in power from 10 up to 40 kVA;
  • Flexible battery configuration settable from display:
    • 10kVA: from 16 to 40 monoblocks in series;
    • from 20kVA to 40kVA: from 24 to 40 monoblocks in series;
  • Online UPS with 97% efficiency;
  • Output power factor 1 saving on energy consumption;
  • Full digital interconnection and advanced DSP control technology;
  • Fully settable from the touch screen display on site and with intuitive interface;
  • Innovative self-cleaning function that periodically expels dust, reducing breakdowns;
  • Easy-to-use security features and alarm alerts;
  • Built-in black box that periodically records the waveforms passing through the display;
  • Small footprint and eco-friendly design.

3 year warranty.
Ideal for data centers, servers, healthcare equipment, industrial automation processes and transportation.

By purchasing an AEC IST7 UPS (10-40 kVA), the Dry Contact Card is included in the price, which provides a series of normally open or normally closed potential-free contacts to signal various UPS functions.
It is also possible to purchase different accessories separately to implement the functionality of the UPS:
External bypass = allows maintenance or repair / replacement of the UPS without interrupting the powered user.
Temperature sensor = monitors the batteries by compensating the charging current based on the ambient temperature thanks to a probe that communicates with the logic of the continuity system.
SNMP card = allows AEC UPS to be remotely monitored, assisted, tested and operated anywhere in the world.

Technical Specifications


Manual UPS IST7 | 10-40 kVA


Features UPS Online three phase IST7

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