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Power range: 10-40 kVA   

The UPS three-phase IST7 (10-40kVA) are AEC’s three-phase online UPS, double conversion tower UPS in powers from 10kVA up to 40kVA. The UPS IST7 series adopts the most innovative technologies with 3 IGBT levels, guaranteeing an efficiency of up to 97% and a unitary output power factor.

IST7 10kVA and 20kVA can be configured in input | output 1 | 1 or 3 | 1 or 3 | 3 mode directly from the display, while the 30 and 40kVA models can be configured 3 | 1 or 3 | 3. Three-phase UPS available in version with internal batteries or external battery cabinet. The system includes the free contact card for alarms and a manual bypass disconnector to facilitate maintenance.

AEC’s IST7 three-phase UPS for business continuity

UPS for companies are an essential component for business continuity in any sector. When it comes to three-phase UPS, the range of products available on the market is very vast, and among these the AEC IST7 three-phase UPSs stand out. These double conversion tower UPSs are available in powers ranging from 10kVA to 40kVA and are characterized by their high efficiency, thanks to the 3-level IGBT technology integrated in the inverter section.

How to configure UPS

Among the main advantages of these three-phase UPSs, there is their ability to be configured in a versatile way according to the user’s needs. The 10kVA and 20kVA models, for example, can be configured in 1:1, 3:1 or 3:3 input/output mode directly from the display, while the 30kVA and 40kVA models can be configured 3:1 or 3:3. Furthermore, AEC IST7 three-phase UPSs are available in versions with internal batteries or external battery cabinet, offering greater installation flexibility.

Parallel configuration | UPS

One of the distinguishing features of parallel UPSs is the ability to improve system availability and increase the overall power of the UPS. This means that multiple UPSs can be connected in parallel to provide higher output power, increasing the ability to support larger loads. Furthermore, the parallel configuration can guarantee system redundancy, i.e. service continuity even in the event of a failure of one of the UPSs.

Double conversion tower ups features

The IST7 product provide high output power, ideal for companies that require a reliable and robust UPS solution. These double conversion tower UPSs can ensure continuity of service and higher efficiency, reducing overall operating costs. In particular, the ECO mode, which guarantees efficiency up to 99%, allows companies to reduce energy costs, while maintaining maximum system reliability. Furthermore, the presence of a 3-stage battery recharge and maintenance system ensures longer battery life, further reducing maintenance costs.

AEC’s IST7 range also includes a wide range of advanced features, including a computerized TOUCH-SCREEN screen with Linux operating system and color graphic interface, available in seven languages. This guarantees easy access to information on UPS performance and greater flexibility in managing configurations.

Finally, the possibility of installing up to 10 units in parallel N+1 guarantees greater reliability and greater configuration management flexibility, adapting the UPS to the specific needs of the company.

In summary, the range of AEC IST7 Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies represents a reliable, efficient and flexible solution for companies that need of a continuous and reliable source of emergency power. Thanks to their ability to be configured in parallel and the wide range of advanced features, these UPSs can ensure maximum system availability, while reducing overall operating costs. Furthermore, the AEC IST7 range is available in different powers able to satisfy the needs of any type of company, from a small office to a large company.

The AEC IST7 three-phase UPS

AEC’s IST7 three-phase UPS is able to protect a wide range of critical equipment and systems of a company, from small offices to large enterprises. Thanks to its advanced technology and its ability to be configured in a versatile way, the IST7 can provide a reliable power source for various electronic equipment, such as:

UPS | Servers and storage systems

Servers and storage systems are some of the most critical pieces of equipment for a business, as they contain vital data and information. In the event of a power outage, these devices can be permanently damaged, resulting in data loss. The IST7 is able to guarantee constant and reliable power continuity for these systems, thus avoiding any data loss and damage to the equipment.

UPS | Network equipment

Routers, network switches and firewalls are critical devices for corporate network management and security. In the event of a power outage, these devices can cause a loss of connectivity, making it impossible for employees to communicate and access shared resources. The IST7 can protect these devices, guaranteeing the continuity of power supply necessary for the correct functioning of the network.

UPS | Safety equipment

Security equipment, such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems and sensors, are essential to ensure the safety of people and company activities. In the event of a power outage, this equipment can stop functioning, compromising the safety of the company. The IST7 can provide a reliable and continuous power source for this equipment, ensuring a safer working environment.

UPS | Medical equipment

Many companies, such as clinics and hospitals, use medical equipment that is critical to the health of patients. In the event of a power outage, this equipment can stop working, putting patients’ health at risk. The IST7 can provide a constant and reliable power source for this equipment, ensuring patient safety and business continuity.

Overall, AEC’s IST7 Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply can protect any equipment or critical system that requires a reliable, continuous power source for proper operation. Thanks to its versatility and advanced technology, the IST7 can meet the needs of different companies and protect their businesses from power failure risks.

Manual UPS IST7 | 10-40 kVA

Features UPS Online three phase IST7

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