Modular UPS IST6

Power range: 30 kVA – 1200 kVA

Uninterruptible power supplies modular IST6 (30-1200kVA) are AEC’s three-phase modular UPS, UPS with modules hot extractable, in powers starting from 30kVA up to 1200kVA. The UPS IST6 series adopts a completely modular technology, ensuring constant redundancy of the UPS.

Their modularity allows future expansion in power up to 2.4MW. Available in six sizes, up to 120kVA | 300kVA and 600kVA | 800 kVA – 1000 kVA – 1200 kVA | and with an efficiency of up to 97% and maximum safety, IST6 is designed for medium and large data centers. Configurable directly from the display, wide flexibility and high overload capacity. The self-cleaning function reduces the risk of dust accumulation on the cards. The system includes the free contact card for alarms.

Modular UPS for data centers:

  • Online UPS with advanced dual DSP digital control technology, fast data processing, self-diagnosis capability and fast fault repair;
  • Parallel redundancy and parallel capacity scaling mode making the application more flexible;
  • Output power factor 1 with higher power output;
  • Overall system efficiency reaches up to 97% for greater energy savings;
  • The whole design system is hot-swappable;
  • Adaptable to the network and fully settable from the display on site;
  • ECO mode can be set;
  • Modular UPS.

Modular ups features:

  • IGBT rectification technology with ultra-low input harmonics;
  • Eliminates pollution from the electricity grid and protects both the load and the electricity grid;
  • Large capacity up to 320kVA for a single cabinet;
  • Small footprint of only 0.5 square meters;
  • High resistance to ensure module reliability and hot exchange;
  • Rotating module thanks to the suspension technology of the module that improves efficiency and reduces operating costs;
  • Host and battery have reliable, double-layer protection mechanisms;
  • It has a BSC output to solve the problem of unsynchronized power supply.

3 year warranty.
Ideal for data centers, servers and industrial automation processes.

By purchasing an AEC IST6 UPS (30-1200 kVA), the Dry Contact Card is included in the price, which provides a series of normally open or normally closed potential-free contacts to signal various UPS functions.
It is also possible to purchase different accessories separately to implement the functionality of the UPS:
External bypass = allows maintenance or repair / replacement of the UPS without interrupting the powered user.
Temperature sensor = monitors the batteries by compensating the charging current based on the ambient temperature thanks to a probe that communicates with the logic of the continuity system.
SNMP card = allows AEC to  remotely monitore, assiste, test and operate the UPS anywhere in the world.
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Features UPS Modular Tower IST6

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