Rack UPS Online IST3-J

Power range: 1-10 kVA

The IST3-J single-phase uninterruptible power supplies (1-10kVA) are AEC’s range of double conversion online UPS and are rack UPS in powers starting from 1kVA up to 10kVA. The IST3 UPS series adopts the most innovative IGBT technologies, guaranteeing efficiency up to 96% and a unitary output power factor.

UPSs are available in models with internal batteries or combined with external battery cabinets for longer runtimes. Our 1kVA, 2kVA and 3kVA models have hot-swappable battery packs for easy replacement. The 6kVA and 10kVA models have the advantage of occupying only 2U. USB card included and product range covered by 3 year warranty.

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Double conversion single-phase rack UPS

The AEC IST3J model is an uninterruptible power supply | Single-phase 19” rack UPS with online double conversion technology and advanced 3-level inverter technology.
Online UPSs are designed to be installed in 19-inch rack cabinets. They can be integrated with other hardware such as servers, PDUs, power supplies and other computing hardware.
Moreover there are intelligent RS232 port, USB + EPO port in the back of the UPS.
IST3J turns out to be the right product for different uses: UPS for servers, UPS for data centers, UPS for video surveillance systems, UPS for networks, UPS for healthcare facilities with pure sine wave output.

Rack UPS advantages

The rack UPS has multiple advantages including considerable energy savings as the output power factor equal to 1 guarantees a better load capacity for the same power with lower and more convenient initial investment costs.
Furthermore a very high AC\AC efficiency of up to 96% and precise and correct data processing are guaranteed thanks to the DSP digital control technique.
The double conversion UPS guarantees a high input power factor up to ≥ 0.996 and THDi<3%, with less energy pollution and a lower TCO;
The small size of the rack UPS and the dust-proof front design with LCD display ensure easy installation and a convenient user-friendly graphical interface for an improved user experience.
It is possible to move and position the LCD display horizontally or vertically.

Rack single-phase UPS batteries

The UPS internal battery pack is hot swappable in 1-2-3kVA UPS systems and battery replacement is a simple procedure. The UPS features an external battery port (external battery is optional). There is also a function for flexible configuration of VRLA AGM batteries from the rear panel
IST3J UPS systems are online 19-inch rack UPSs that can also be converted into floor-standing versions using special accessories. Changing the configuration from tower UPS to rack UPS can be useful when space is limited and can allow for a better arrangement of equipment such as in the case of server UPS.
A fault detection system with internal temperature monitoring ensures the safety of the single-phase UPS.
An innovative system of intelligent fans with high efficiency cooling ensures proper cooling of the UPS. There are also multiple modes to control its speed and extend its life.

It is also possible to configure various UPS settings from the LCD display:
– Output voltage 208/220/230/240 Vac, 50/60Hz;
– ECO mode;
– Alarm information and operating process.

UPS from 1 to 3kVA

1kVA UPS: it is possible to configure the device with 3 batteries.
2kVA UPS: it is possible to configure the device with 4 batteries.
3kVA UPS: it is possible to configure the device with 6 batteries.

UPS from 6 to 10kVA

In the 6-10kVA UPS it is possible to configure the device with alternatively 16\17\18\19\20 VRLA lead AGM batteries via RS232 port. The tower UPSs of the indicated power include the bypass switch useful for putting the device into maintenance mode.
The UPS comes with a user manual, USB cable and UPSilon 2000 software CD.

Single-phase Rack UPS software

UPSilon 2000 is intelligent UPS monitoring and control software. UPSilon displays UPS status (eg, input and output voltage, line frequency, load, temperature, and battery capacity) in digital and graphical format, which can help users monitor power quality.
At the same time, users can remotely monitor UPS via network and manage power more effectively.
In case of AC failure or low UPS battery, UPSilon 2000 will perform its monitoring function with no people around. UPSilon 2000 has a few new ways to send alert messages, autodial and by email.
In addition, UPSilon 2000 has a new Windows NT service function. It allows the monitoring program to run automatically before logging in. UPSilon is available in many languages, you can select the most familiar one to do the software configuration and operation.
Today the Internet is widely used, not only for PCs but also for Servers, reaching the times of receiving and sending information 24 hours a day. Power management without people has been a necessary function of the UPS especially in the use of UPS per server. So UPSilon 2000, with all its functions, will be the best partner of your smart UPS for servers.

Single-phase Rack UPS Accessories

Furthermore by purchasing a single-phase AEC IST3-J (1-10 kVA) UPS, the USB Card is included in the price. The card allows you to connect the UPS to all the latest generation PCs via the USB port.
It is also possible to purchase various accessories separately to implement the functions of the UPS:
External bypass = allows maintenance or repair/replacement of the continuity system without interrupting the powered user.
Dry Contact card = provides a series of normally open or normally closed potential-free contacts to signal various UPS functions.
SNMP card = allows you to remotely monitor, test and change UPS settings.
Visit the download section of our website to download manuals and guides for all UPS, CPSS Rescue and VRLA AGM batteries.

Features UPS Online single phase rack IST3J

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