Line Interactive UPS IST1

Power range: 600-2000 VA

The uninterruptible power supplies Line interactive IST1 (600-2000VA) was developed by AEC specifically to provide a product with an excellent quality / price ratio for a market segment mainly aimed at private users and small businesses and companies.

IST1 UPSs are very easy to use products, exceptionally robust and absolutely competitive. AEC’s Line Interactive IST1 UPSs adopt digital online technology, with the load normally powered by a network that is controlled, filtered and stabilized by an internal stabilizer.

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  • UPS Line interactive (adopting the VI – Voltage Independent scheme according to the CEI EN 62040-3 Standard);
  • Wide range of powers from 600 VA to 2000 VA;
  • Response time <6 msec;
  • Wide input voltage tolerance;
  • Manual start by batteries;
  • Digital control of the batteries;
  • Smd boards technology;
  • Lightning and hf interference;
  • Short-circuit protection;
  • Protected electronics;
  • Acoustic alarm.
  • Compact design, totally silent, easy to use, no heat emission and exceptionally robust.

2 year warranty.
Ideal for powering computers and peripherals at home and in offices.

The Line Interactive IST1 UPS has been designed and built by AEC specifically to provide a product with an excellent quality / price ratio and aimed mainly at an audience of private users and professional studios.
The IST1 UPS is ideal for the protection of computers and peripherals. For example modems, fiber optics, satellite decoders, webcams, alarm and surveillance systems and home automation systems. Just think of how many times it has happened to us that the computer suddenly went off and we didn’t have time to save the work done, therefore having to do it again and losing more hours of work.
Totally silent, the UPS IST1 home uninterruptible power supplies are also suitable for protecting your non-professional digital equipment such as home cinemas, recorders, DVDs, satellite and digital terrestrial receivers. A simple power failure is all it takes to KO such equipment. Not to mention the damage that a medium-long-term blackout would create to all appliances such as freezers, refrigerators and super-technological televisions, if there were no UPS to safeguard them.
The IST1 UPS is also increasingly used in the video game sector. All fans know how essential it is to save all the stages and objectives achieved with difficulty during the game and if, unfortunately, just at that moment the power goes out, all the efforts made up to that point will be thwarted.

Small in size, totally silent and without any heat emission, AEC’s IST1 uninterruptible power supplies for home and small offices are very easy to use, exceptionally robust and absolutely competitive products.
Thanks to their compact size and ergonomic shape, AEC’s Line Interactive UPS IST1 can be installed in any part of the office or home environment without any disturbance for people.
In general, the UPS not only guarantees power when there is no network, but filters and stabilizes it, protecting the equipment from any electronic damage. It is therefore a reliable guarantee for the home to protect against thunderstorms, blackouts and various disturbances of the electrical network.

A small investment that gives peace of mind for remote management and control in homes thanks to online digital technology.

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