CPSS series 3

Power range: 1-10 kVA

The CPSS 3 Central Power Supply for emergency systems  (1-10kVA) uses the fully digital control technology and the latest high frequency conversion technology, thus presenting high efficiency, high power factor and other advantages. The CPSS 3 is a tower Central Power Supply which features significant energy savings and greatly reduces operating costs.

It has built-in functions such as AC regulation, back-up power, surge protection and other functions to protect equipment in rigid power grid environments and provide clean energy, safe and stable to loads.

  • Constant overload of 120%;
  • Batteries 10-12 years life expectancy;
  • Charging time of less than 12 hours;
  • Structure compliant with CEI EN 62040.

By purchasing a CPSS Series 3 (1-10 kVA) the USB card is included in the price, which allows you to connect the UPS to all the latest generation PCs via the USB port.
It is also possible to purchase different accessories separately to implement the functionality of the CPSS-Central Power Supply System:
External bypass = allows maintenance or repair / replacement of the UPS without interrupting the powered user.
Dry Contact card = provides a series of potential-free normally open or normally closed contacts to signal various UPS functions.
SNMP card = allows AEC UPS to be remotely monitored, assisted, tested and operated anywhere in the world.

Features Central Power System Supply 3

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