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Power Range: 1-1200 kVA
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Extend UPS autonomy with BB8 battery cabinet developed by AEC!
A battery cabinet is a device designed to hold batteries used to power an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. In the event of a power outage, the UPS system ensures that your devices continue to operate thanks to the energy stored in the batteries in the battery cabinet.


Extend the autonomy of the UPS with the BB8 battery cabinet developed by AEC!
The AEC BB8 was developed for UPS IST7 (single-phase or three-phase double conversion UPS Tower).
Inside the BB8 model it is possible to install:
– Maximum 64 VRLA AGM 100Ah batteries.
Furthermore, the BB8 model is compatible with UPS from 1 to 1200kVA and complies with the IEC-EN 62040-1 standard. The intense black color (RAL 9005) guarantees a linear and elegant design.
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BB8 Battery Cabinet configuration – Example

UPS: IST7 40kVA with external batteries.
Battery Cabinet: BB8 with 40 internal 12V AGM VRLA 100Ah batteries.
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Additional information

Battery Cabinet BB8

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 1400 × 800 × 1900 cm
N° of shelves


Max N° of batteries

64x12V 100Ah

IP Protection

IP20 (Optional 21-44)

DC Fuses

60A – 100A – 125A – 160A – 250A – 400A

Cable entrance

Left side top and bottom



UPS - Power Compatibility

from 1 to 1200kVA


IEC-EN 62040-1

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