External maintenance bypass

The maintenance by-pass is a device external to the UPS and allows maintenance or repair / replacement of the UPS without interrupting the powered user.

The AEC external maintenance bypass, when operated manually or automatically, allows you to eliminate voltage at the ends of the UPS and therefore carry out battery changes or internal system maintenance by authorized technicians.


UPS Maintenance bypass

The external maintenance bypass is an important device for maintaining electrical power to a critical load in the event of a UPS outage or maintenance.

Main functions of the external maintenance bypass

The main functions of the external maintenance bypass include:

  • Allow removal of the UPS from the circuit without removing power from the critical load.
  • Allow UPS maintenance without shutting down the critical load.
  • Allow replacement of the UPS without disrupting power to the critical load.

Benefits of the External maintenance bypass

The product is beneficial as it ensures the continuity of power supply of the critical load during maintenance or replacement phases of the UPS. This prevents interruptions in the power supply which can cause problems or damage.

Mounting the UPS maintenance bypass

To mount the product, you need to have detailed knowledge of the UPS and its configuration.
In general, the external maintenance bypass is mounted between the UPS and the critical load.
A manual switch that allows you to select the power source (UPS or bypass). Before installing the product, it is important to verify that it is compatible with the UPS and that it complies with the manufacturer’s technical specifications.
Furthermore, it is always advisable to carry out the assembly with the assistance of qualified personnel.
This is to ensure correct installation and operation of the system.

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