Battery Cabinet
for UPS

The battery cabinet for UPS | UPS is an accessory designed to extend the autonomy of the UPS.
Each UPS has its own external battery cabinet and the number of batteries varies based on the UPS model to which it will be connected.
AEC is able to offer its customers a tested and solid cabinet housing system for batteries capable of guaranteeing continuity of electrical power supply for UPS of any size.

AEC Battery Cabinets are easily customizable and adaptable to projects of different nature. Our carpentry is able to offer battery cabinets with a protection rating of up to IP44, various aluminum alloys or stainless steel and with a wide range of accessories for internal ventilation such as automatic fans, IP68 with 12V or 24V direct current power supply. Wide choice of fuse holders or robust two-pole or three-pole disconnectors with maximum capacity of 1000A.

IP20 steel

A solid and robust material to ensure correct battery storage.


No liquid to add during the entire life of the batteries.

Robust Disconnectors

Bipolar or three-polar with maximum capacity of 1000A.

AEC UPS | Power Supply
Armadio stock batterie

UPS Autonomy

Extend the autonomy of the UPS with a cabinet with internal batteries.


Battery cabinets suitable for containing AGM VRLA batteries.


In the AGM battery, the electrolyte is bound completely in an absorbent glass fiber mat.

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