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Batteries are an essential element for the smooth operation of UPS and therefore care must be taken to ensure maximum efficiency and to prevent possible failures. Failure or incorrect maintenance of the batteries can affect company performance and cause service interruptions that, today, are no longer acceptable.
It is in fact known that batteries are the component most exposed to possible damage. For this reason it is necessary to program the battery care service, i.e. continuous monitoring and periodic maintenance of the batteries to ensure operational continuity. In fact, one of the main reasons for sudden power outages is the failure of the UPS batteries. But what are the causes that can cause the premature end of a battery?

The main causes of battery failures

Battery failures are classified according to the triggering cause and the age of the battery in which the compromise occurs:

  • Manufacturing defects: Usually if faults occur during the first discharge cycle, it is assumed that it is caused by a manufacturing defect.
  • External factors: failures that can appear at any time due to external factors, such as the high ambient temperature or the lack of adequate maintenance.

Therefore, the theoretical duration of the battery life rarely corresponds to the real duration because it is affected by various factors such as the environmental conditions, in particular the temperature, the too many and deep discharge cycles or a recharge at not constant voltage.
These damages can seriously compromise the battery life and therefore it is necessary to do prevention and schedule routine maintenance. In facts, the predictability of the detection of malfunctions depends on the number of maintenance, measurements and tests that have been performed on the batteries.

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Battery care: battery maintenance for AEC UPS

Among the various services that AEC International offers its customers, there is the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of batteries for UPS, their replacement at the end of their life and disposal. Combined with a high-performance and quality product, it is essential to have efficient service and technical assistance to always support customers in the correct use of the product with the ultimate goal of ensuring operational continuity.
All the services offered by AEC are customized according to customer needs and the criticality level of the users to which the UPS will be connected. The battery care service involves checking the batteries during the annual preventive maintenance visit by the specialized technician. This is the first step in ensuring a longer battery life. For all AEC customers, an annual preventive maintenance visit to the UPS and its components, including therefore the batteries, is stipulated in the contract.
How is preventive maintenance carried out?
During the annual UPS preventive maintenance visit, the specialized technician will perform measurements, tests, analyzes and interventions aimed at verifying the condition of the UPS and its components, the environmental conditions and the parameters of the batteries.
In the event that a battery failure is detected, AEC will take care of replacing them with new ones and disposing of the old ones. Battery replacement must always be carried out by an experienced technician to avoid causing damage to the UPS electronics because he has a greater understanding of how to integrate the batteries with the UPS.
In addition to the battery replacement and disposal service, AEC guarantees:
– Specialized technicians with wide availability;
– On-site technical advice;
– Remote and real-time monitoring of the UPS;
– Extraordinary maintenance, in case of need, with the availability of original spare parts within 24/48h.

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